Olympic ad spending could hit a new record

by Media Life Magazine

We don’t yet know how much ad spending this year’s Summer Olympics will bring in, but it’s looking like it could be a new record.

That’s according to Kantar Media, which reports the 2012 London Games brought in $1.33 billion in the U.S., a new record.

That was the top sporting event that year in terms of ad spending, ahead of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament ($1.01 billion) and the NFL playoffs, including the Super Bowl ($976 million).

According to Kantar, spending for March Madness this year hit $1.21 billion, while the NFL playoffs hit $1.37 billion. If spending for the Olympics again comes in ahead of those two events, it will certainly beat the 2012 record.

Rights fees also on the rise

Of course, NBC also spends a hefty amount for the right to air the Games. Rights fees for this year’s event were $1.22 billion, up 175 percent from $456 million in 1996.

The International Olympic Committee sells Winter and Summer Olympics rights together. NBC paid a combined $2.0 billion for the 2014 and 2016 events.

NBC has the rights to the Olympics through 2032, and Kantar says the 2030-2032 pairing cost $2.6 billion. That’s an average increase of 7 percent per Olympic cycle.

The amount of ad inventory has increased over the years as well. In 2012 NBC and its networks aired 11,076 ad minutes, including network promotions and PSAs. That was up from 9,514 in 2008 and 9,972 in 2004.

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