Super Bowl Ad Revenue Hit $370M in 2016

by Jon Lafayette, Broadcasting & Cable

Super Sunday is the biggest day in television and ad revenues for the big game continued to rise last year, according to new figures from Kantar Media.

Super Bowl 50 generated $369.6 million in in-game advertising for CBS, up 6% from the previous year, according to Kantar. The network picked up another $75.4 million in ad sales for the pre and post game coverage, bringing the grand total to $445 million.

Since 2007, the Super Bowl has generated $2.59 billion in advertising revenue with more than 130 marketers buying spots.

The price of those high-profile 30-second TV commercials is also on the rise. Kantar pegs the average price at $4.8 million for 2016. That’s a big increase from 2007, when 30-seconds went for $2.39 million.

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