Super Bowl LII draws $414M in ad spending

by Michelle Clancy, Rapid TV News

According to Kantar Media’s preliminary estimate of in-game spending, this is the second-largest amount in history apart from last year’s game, which was the first to run into overtime and enabled FOX to run four additional commercials.

There was a total of 49 minutes, 35 seconds of commercial time from paying sponsors, the NFL and NBC Universal networks. This matches the third highest total on record. The game itself lasted three hours, 46 minutes (including half-time) which means advertising accounted for 22% of the broadcast. By comparison the length of a typical NFL regular season telecast is 187 minutes with commercials accounting for 42 minutes (22%) of the program.

Anheuser-Busch InBev and Fiat Chrysler Automotive were the top advertisers in the game, each with four minutes of ad time. They were followed by Toyota Motor at three minutes and at two-and-a-half minutes. Auto manufacturers were the lead category during the game, accounting for 11 spots and nine minutes of commercial time.

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