Kantar Expands Audience Activation Offer

Clients can now leverage a broader and more robust offer from Kantar’s industry leading studies to identify, analyze and message to consumer audiences across key verticals

New York, NY, October 9, 2019—Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company, today announced the expansion of its audience activation offer to a broader array of verticals. The expansion of these audiences is based on Kantar’s flagship syndicated studies, including U.S. MONITOR, WorldPanel, ComTech, Target Group Index (TGI), HomeScores and MARS Health. The restructured audience offer will allow marketers to better identify and engage the right consumers and deliver better ROI for data-driven advertising campaigns. 

Clients will be able to access audiences across key verticals including automotive, consumer electronics, consumer financial, food & dining, health & wellness, lifestyle, media & entertainment, political & advocacy, sports, telecom and travel, with additional specialty categories such as beverage and B2B launching shortly. 

Kantar’s offer provides significant advantages to media buyers and planners. As privacy regulations evolve, Kantar’s direct opt-in relationships with consumer panelists will become increasingly important. Clients can also leverage Kantar’s rich data assets to customize audiences for private marketplace or niche targeting. The wider audience offer combined with Kantar’s campaign optimization and measurement capabilities gives media buyers access to a full suite of tools for driving and analyzing campaign performance.

“The expansion of our offer enables a new level of precision for addressing the right people on the right media channels in a privacy-first approach,” said Andy Brown CEO of Kantar’s Media division. “The new Kantar audiences offer in the US is an important first step toward our global objective to provide consistency of targeting across traditional linear and addressable media.”

Kantar Audiences are now available at all major DMPs and DSPs and for direct distribution including client-proprietary media planning and buying platforms. Search what Kantar audiences are available at kantarmedia.com/us/campaigns/segments, or contact: Syndicated_Audience_Team@kantar.com



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