Kantar Media's Analysis of Digital Coupon Distribution Finds Target.com is in the Lead

Target.com coupon distribution page received more than 109,000 average daily visits in H1 2013; Kroger.com and Safeway.com also achieved significant growth

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, November 26, 2013 – An analysis by Kantar Media’s Marx of retailer website data found that Target.com’s coupon distribution page - coupons.target.com - achieved the highest total average daily visits through the first half of 2013.

This is almost double the number of average daily visits to other key retail websites tracked by Kantar Media Marx. A website’s average daily visits is important to promotion managers and retailers because it shows a coupon location’s web traffic or “reach” by measuring the number of times a visitor returns to and visits the location where coupons are distributed.

In H1 2013 average daily visits changed on a number of key sites. Kroger.com grew its average daily visits at its coupon distribution page by 57% in H1 2013 to 94,200. This increase for Kroger.com puts Kroger.com in the same league as Target.com, capturing more average daily visits in six months than seven other retailer coupon distribution page’s average daily visits combined. This places Target.com and Kroger.com as two of the most heavily trafficked coupon distribution pages across the retailer websites analyzed by Marx.

Safeway.com’s coupon distribution page increased average daily visits by 436% in H1 2013 compared to H1 2012, reaching 42,100 Average Daily Visits. This moved Safeway.com from the #5 to the #3 position in H1 2013, behind Kroger.com. CVS.com dropped down from the #3 position to the #5 position, with 4,900 fewer average daily visits occurring in H1 2013 compared to the same period in the prior year. This decrease potentially makes CVS.com less appealing than other key retailer websites analyzed, due to the decrease and lower level of average daily visits. CVS.com has fewer average daily visits than Target.com or Kroger.com, thereby having fewer opportunities in supporting a shopper with coupon offers on their path to purchase at that retailer.
Average Daily Visitor Counts to Website

Average Daily Visits counts the number of times a visitor comes to a website during a visitor’s session.
Source: Kantar Media and Millward Brown Digital

“Not all coupon locations are created equal. Website coupons need exposure to shoppers if they are going to influence the path to purchase.” commented Darcy Douglas, Director, Account Solutions for Kantar Media’s Marx. “Retail websites such as Safeway.com are continuing to enhance programs such as Just for U that may drive additional traffic to their coupon locations. As Safeway continues to innovate by adding new coupon offers daily, shoppers will develop trip planning and shopping behaviors around these initiatives.”

“Manufacturers can capitalize on the daily opportunity with retailer specific initiatives to reach a shopper when they are planning a trip. They can accomplish this by placing coupon offers on a retailer website that has the greatest reach in terms of average daily visits and is innovative in its coupon offers. Ideally, manufacturers would have positioned their product offers on a highly visited website distribution page, capturing the attention of a visiting shopper who is planning their trip. Finding the right coupon location optimizes the shopper discovery of that offer, helping the manufacturer to get on the shopping list and the retailer to win the shopping trip,” concluded Douglas.

Program Types Diverge in Estimated Days Active

Print At Home coupon offers (coupons that can be printed at home) distributed in the first half of 2013 reported 29 Estimated Average Days Active, 20% greater than the same period last year, across key websites measured by Marx. Load to Card offers (coupons that can be loaded to loyalty cards) decreased Estimated Days Active from 24 days to 17 days, a decline of 25%. In H1 2012, the difference in Estimated Days Active between Print at Home offers and Load to Card offers was negligible. In H1 2013, the difference in Estimated Days Active grew to more than 11 days between the two distinct offer types. This makes the Load to Card coupon offer type generally scarcer, and shorter-lived than the Print at Home coupon offers. Whether it is driven by the manufacturer side placing Load to Card offers online for shorter time periods, or shoppers snapping Load to Card offers up quickly, remains to be seen.
Estimated Days Active

Source: Kantar Media

“Online life or Estimated Average Days Active represents the time that an offer is available online for a shopper to find on their favorite coupon website. Shoppers plan trips throughout the week. Providing enough time for the shopper to find the right offer at the right time is critical. Manufacturers need to be aware of popular offers that are online so they can replicate the same success for their offers. Some very popular website coupon offers may only exist online for a few days making it crucial to plan website coupon offer timing appropriately,” stated Douglas. “Each offer is unique and can be uniquely positioned online across multiple websites. Helping our clients determine how, where, when and what competitive offer impacted their category is a major advantage Marx delivers by tracking over 50,000 digitally-distributed website coupon occurrences across key websites each week.”

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