Our Data

Our data is key to identifying, understanding, reaching, refining and measuring audiences as well as understanding context and trends across media. 

Our datasets include:

  • audience profiles for targeting
  • stated purchase data
  • inventory availabilities & rates
  • paid search keywords
  • paid search spend
  • paid ad occurrences
  • paid ad spend
  • earned media occurrences
  • brand/issue sentiment scoring
  • estimated media value (EMV)
  • audience & media ratings
  • consumer promotion spend

All of our data uses currency grade methodology and crosses on and offline media to provide a more holistic view.  Through our core offer and partnerships, data is available at scale, globally.

Planning & Strategy

Our data helps clients more effectively plan by providing insight into the audiences they want to reach, through what media, and how best to shape the message.

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Targeting & Automated Trading

Our data helps identify, segment and reach target audiences online.

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Our data measures audiences, media and advertising to evaluate performance and competition.

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Use Cases

Clients partner with us to target, engage and measure audiences, track paid & earned media, and to evaluate trends & competition. Our data provides differentiation and greater value to the automated trading process. See how.

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We partner with leading data and technology companies to provide clients with best-in-class data solutions to power informed decisions.

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