Advertising Intelligence: Improving business performance

The explosion of different types of media and different channels to reach customers can be challenging for businesses.  How to reach the right customer with the right message? What channel to use? How much to invest, where? How to improve return on investment.  What sort of creative?  What will cut though.  And many more.

We provide rich insights, based on actual market intelligence, to help solve these problems.    

Connected advertising intelligence

To do this we monitor millions of adverts each year, globally and locally.  We connect a variety of different data sets across digital and traditional media: 

  • Delivering cross-media advertising intelligence, including traditional (TV, print, radio, outdoor) and digital (online, on mobile, on video, on social, and search)
  • Looking at brands’ advertising activities including, messaging and creative, spend, media performance, competitor benchmarking and share of voice
  • Providing insights on how brand owners and agencies are investing their media spend and shaping their messaging

Benefits of advertising intelligence

Accessing intelligence on advertising gives media owners, media agencies and brand owners critical connected competitive intelligence.  With this they can hone their offer, shape their plans and allocate resources to improve business performance.

Media owners can identify new sales opportunities by knowing the full details of brand owner advertising campaigns.  We show how they have been booked and purchased and identify their share of voice. 

Media agencies use these competitor insights to track what other brands are doing, benchmark budget spending, messaging and their overall strategy.  This enables them to perform better and add greater value.

Brand owners can track competitor activity to inform decisions on their marketing strategies and campaign development.  Our connected insights enable them to allocate budget more effectively and so improve their return on investment.

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