Meters: Capturing data on viewing habits

As viewing habits change with the fragmenting media landscape, so the technologies to measure them need to adapt.

We measure media consumption, in and out of home, in real time using the most advanced metering technology. 

Kantar Media provides an accurate, connected view of what audiences are watching or listening to across platforms and on different devices.

Changing viewing habits

As consumers gain ever more control over how they watch TV, the importance of credible, independent measurement is becoming more critical.

Our metering technology responds to these emerging viewing habits and evolving media technologies.  Much of it is flexible, so we can configure the technology for the appropriate local market. 

We can also combine data from different metering technologies to provide a single connected view of audience media consumption.

The combination of these capabilities means we can deliver the most accurate and rich panel data available today.

Metering media consumption

We have a range of different meters which we use to measure audiences’ media consumption.  This varies according to the requirements of ae particular market.

Our main meters include:

  • Our People Meter measures what is being viewed on the TV set. A simple to use handset makes it easy for panellists to indicate which people are in front of the TV.
  • Our Focal Meter measures online TV and video content on devices that are connected to the home network. These may be smartphones, tablets, laptops or computers. This enables us to give a complete view of online video consumption.
  • The Rate On Air Meter measures a panellists’ media consumption when they are on the move and at any time, whether that is on TV, video or radio.