Social Engagement

Understand the impact your earned media campaigns have on your social media channels. Social Engagement enables you to better understand your audience and reputation across key social media platforms, and provides insights on engagement, sentiment and underlying emotions. This helps you make better decisions and develop powerful communication strategies.

Social Engagement is an easy and intuitive analytics dashboard that enables you to access key data quickly to fine tune your strategy to better meet goals.

You can measure impact quickly and easily by analysing engagement and compare it with volume of articles published in press, broadcast and online to measure impact.

You can:

  • Measure - A wide range of measures including volume, retweets, mentions, comments, posts, likes and impressions across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 
  • Compare - Compare social media activity with volume of coverage across press, TV, radio and online.
  • Filter - Wide range for filters including verified users, sentiment and emotion.  Interactive tag cloud.
  • Search - Search your Twitter timeline for key topics, authors and hashtags. 
  • Share - Export to pdf or csv to share insights across your organisation.