Our solutions

We deliver best in class data and services to help our clients drive communications strategies efficiently and effectively.

Advertising, Monitoring, and Evaluation

Advertising, Monitoring & Evaluation

Informing our clients’ media planning and marketing strategies by measuring competitor advertising activities

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Audience Measurement

Measuring actual media consumption by type, by device and by demographic.

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Consumer and Audience Targeting

Enabling advertisers, agencies and media owners to identify, target and reach key consumer audiences.

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Insight Solutions

Tailored research services giving clients a deeper understanding of any aspect of the media and their customers.

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Media Planning Tools thumbnail

Media Planning Tools

Providing the information clients need to match their brand to the media that will reach their target market.

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Reputation PR monitoring and Evaluation

Measuring news coverage so clients can understand conversations and sentiment across the media

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Social Media Intelligence

Identifying what matters to our clients by evaluating the vast volumes of social media content created every day.

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