Creative monitoring to shape strategy and message

Understand how competitor brands are positioning themselves and what messages they are using to help hone creative messaging and strategies.

We monitor more than four million brands a year, and we can provide near real-time alerts on new creatives and campaigns along with deeper insights across millions of brands.

Our database of ad creatives shows exactly what messages consumers are receiving.  Clients can quickly view creatives for more than 20 media platforms by category, advertiser, brand, product and more.

Sophisticated content analysis

We go beyond standard classifications with deeper attribution coding conducted by our team of analysts, to spell out the themes and messages each ad includes.  We can also run separate research to help clients truly understand specific campaign themes and messaging.

With our insights, clients can shape their advertising strategies and make them more effective.  They can do this because we show how much emphasis specific messages, themes and offers are getting in other advertising, based on the spend and occurrence information we gather.

We help:

  • Brands and advertisers understand what messages are being used in the marketplace and to see if they are standing out
  • Creative agencies develop breakthrough creative concepts and campaigns that are well-positioned  against competitors and past campaigns
  • Media owners to better understand client and prospect strategies and messages, so they can pitch more effectively based on the audiences advertisers are targeting.

Speed and quality

Combining infrastructure that’s been refined over many years with continual investment in innovation, we deliver reliable insights at the fast pace they are needed. New creatives are available within hours or same-day for most key media, and delivered in high-resolution formats that convey full details.

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