Expenditure and occurrence data to inform strategy

Know what’s happening in the media landscape and what competitors are doing – to make better advertising decisions. 

Our advertising occurrence and expenditure service monitors hundreds of millions of ads each year.  We capture ads across more than 20 traditional and digital media channels, classify them by product, brand and category, and report on day part, ad network, format, length and more. 

Media buyers can use our insights to determine competitors’ share of voice and identify their overall media plans, while media sellers can identify prospects and improve their pitches.

Our clients can access this rich data through a variety of reporting tools, depending on their preferences, from deep dives to at-a-glance dashboards and email alerts.  We enable them to make cross media analysis, whether television, radio, out of home, print or digital.  Analysis can be run at a macro, or industry, level all the way down to individual products.

Better informed strategy

We help

  • Brands and media agencies  learn how their campaigns are performing and where they stand against the competition
  • Media and communications agencies create more effective and efficient media plans and create better campaigns
  • Media sellers identify prospects, understand client media strategies and create a more compelling value proposition compared with competitors

We can also be used to help brands monitor how campaigns are delivered locally and ensure they are rolled out correctly.

Continual innovation

We are committed to pioneering new and emerging technologies. 

Our service sets the standard in digital media as well as traditional broadcast, print and out-of-home.  We were the first to track both mobile and online video.  Our proprietary display measurement technology gathers data from several sources to achieve unprecedented accuracy in ad expenditure assessment.

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