Healthcare research

Reach consumer and professional healthcare audiences effectively

Healthcare marketers, agencies and media companies rely on our data to understand and effectively reach medical professionals and healthcare consumers.  

We deliver actionable research to help clients develop marketing strategies, build more effective and cost-efficient media plans, better understand the complex landscape of OTC, DTC and professional health communications and succeed in a changing digital marketplace.

Audience Measurement & Insights

Clients make more effective marketing and communication decisions with a better understanding of the profiles, attitudes and behaviors, and media usage of their healthcare audiences. They trust our industry-leading syndicated research to document

  • 25+ physician specialties/other professional health audiences’ information sources, interactions with pharma, attitudes on advertising and promotion, journal readership, website and mobile usage
  • Consumers’ health & wellness, medical conditions, drug usage and interaction with medical professionals, lifestyle and demographics, health attitudes and behaviors, and much more—all tied to in-depth media usage data

Learn more about our audience measurement insights for healthcare.

Advertising Monitoring & Evaluation

Clients can view ad creative, and determine where healthcare, pharma and medical device companies advertise, what products they promote and how much they spend, across digital and traditional media channels.

Learn more about our advertising intelligence insights for healthcare.

Attitudinal & Behavioral Insights

Our clients rely on data from the annual MARS Consumer Health Study and related studies to understand U.S. consumer media consumption and their related opinions on health and wellness.

The Consumer Health Study is the only syndicated research of its kind, projectable to all U.S. adults and that tying ailments, pharma brands, attitudes about healthcare and other data to media usage.

Learn more about our attitudinal and behavioral insights for healthcare.


Areas of Expertise

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