Paid Search Marketing Insights

Through AdGooroo we measure paid and organic search marketing activity across more than 50 countries and 14 search engines.

This insight enables clients to uncover their top competitors’ search marketing strategies, optimise their own search performance, protect their brands and improve their bottom-line. 

Competitor data

We offer a complete picture of the search marketing landscape.  Our SEM Insight service provides search campaign managers with daily, tactical insight into competitors’ text ad and product listing ad (PLA) campaigns across both desktop/tablet and mobile search.  They can choose the keywords they wish to track.

Our Industry Insight service comprises the world’s largest database of paid and organic search intelligence.  It provides marketing executives with monthly, strategic insight into virtually every advertiser and industry, in which they can tap into the vast amounts of data gathered.

Together these two services enable advertisers to

  • benchmark their search performance against competitors over time
  • make immediate, meaningful improvements to their campaigns.

Competitive data offered by both services includes ad spend, performance stats, user-defined keywords, ad copy and other relevant key performance indicators.

Brand protection

From a brand protection perspective, our Trademark Insight enables advertisers to quickly identify and stop competitors, affiliates and partners who are bidding on and using their trademarked brand terms in paid search ads. 

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