Instar Analytics: the key to accessing and analysing audience viewing data

Our Instar Analytics software produces analysis of TV, Radio and Internet viewing data.

No matter which device or platform content has been viewed on, Instar Analytics brings together a complete picture of consumption, while allowing the individual metrics in any given media to be scrutinised.

Making sense of complex data

In practice, that means the software can combine multiple data sets into meaningful reports for a cross platform cross device look at content consumption: TV measurement, radio measurement and internet measurement. 

Instar Analytics was born from our experience from earlier software (including InfoSys+) operating in a multi-country environment. This software is widely used by both broadcasters and agencies in over 35 countries.

Flexible, powerful and intuitive

Instar Analytics is a flexible tool.

  • An app accessible on smartphones and tablets which enables on the move access to get a snapshot of how programmes and ad spots have performed
  • Web and desktop versions for deep-dives into the data and granular analysis
  • An API enabling data to be delivered into third party applications.

The software integrates completely between audiences, programmes and spots. It can run multi-market and multi-media analysis. It can be scaled up to cover a broad range of data, or it can focus on specific data sets.

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