Instar Social: understanding social media engagement with TV programmes

Our intuitive dashboard enables users to analyse Kantar Twitter TV Ratings and track how Twitter amplifies the power of TV.

Instar Social is our industry leading web based dashboard which gives users quick and intuitive access to daily Kantar Twitter TV Ratings data. This can be used both for real time analysis of the most Tweeted about programmes, as they happen, and for analysis assessing performance over past weeks, months and years.

Better decisions

Instar Social helps broadcasters to understand better how their audiences behave and interact with TV programmes on Twitter, in order to connect better with socially-engaged TV viewers. Kantar Twitter TV Ratings enable agencies and advertisers to refine their social strategies and maximise the impact of their campaigns.

Better data

Instar Social makes it easy to analyse Twitter and TV data together, filtering by a range of metrics including authors, impressions and number of Tweets per 1000 viewers.

Instar Social Day Overview

Drill down into minute by minute data to examine exactly what was happening to cause a spike in Twitter activity, or dive deeper into sentiment metrics to understand the underlying emotions behind tweets. Brand affinity data is also integrated, revealing which brands Tweeters about a particular programme have affinity with. 

Instar Social Minute by Minute Graph

The dashboard navigation is intuitive, so it’s easy to drill down to channels, programmes and broadcasts. Instar Social operates across devices, on PCs, tablets and smartphones, and reports can be exported to pdf or .csv files to include in reports and publications.

Instar Social Drill Down

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