Cross-media audience measurement (CMAM)

Kantar Media and comScore

Working with our strategic partner comScore we are now able to show the complete picture of the media that an audience is consuming across TV and online, without duplication.

Being able to identify and measure the single view of audiences’ media consumption, through cross media audience measurement (CMAM) is a significant breakthrough for the industry.

Richer understanding

A combined understanding of TV and online consumption helps improve both media planning and campaign effectiveness.Cross Media Measurement Flow Chart

It gives broadcasters, media owners and set-top box operators a clearer picture of when and how audiences are consuming their content.

It gives agencies and advertisers much more granular information to help plan and evaluate their integrated campaigns.

As advertisers increasingly focus on integrated cross-media campaigns, the demand for databases which combine television audience measurement and online audience measurement is increasing.

We are meeting that need with the combined data from CMAM which can be accessed and analysed through our Instar Analytics platform.

Ground breaking industry partnership

All this has been made possible through the partnership we have with comScore, to combine our expertise, technology and data outside the US. This reflects our combined determination to:

  • Provide world class-cross-media audience and campaign measurement capabilities
  • Meet local market demand for ever stronger techniques to measure across platforms and devices
  • Respond to the transformation taking place in the way television is both delivered and viewed

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