Best-in-class metering technology meeting new demands

As the nature of TV viewing changes audience measurements presents new challenges. So it is all the more important that our portfolio of metering technology can meet them.

We have a range of different metering technologies that can measure audiences across a variety of market conditions, regardless of the penetration of the local communications infrastructure including broadband, 3G and 4G.

Constant innovation

Though technology and audience habits are changing, our clients need for accurate, high-quality panel data does not. Much of our fixed metering is modular, enabling us to configure the technology for the local market.

We are also committed to research and development. Our innovation in next-generation metering technology is in line with emerging viewing habits and technologies so we can continually deliver the most accurate and rich data.

Technology for all viewing behaviour

PeopleMeter technology measures what is being viewed on TV sets whether live, time-shifted and on-demand, and with a simple intuitive handset registers who is viewing.

Online PeopleMeters measure live, time-shifted and on demand viewing, whether on tablets, smartphones, laptops or computers. In this case the content and the source of video can be identified to build a picture of that panel member’s viewing habits.

Working with these technologies builds on our track record. We have deployed over 100,000 PeopleMeters across the world since the first fixed meter was designed and developed in the UK over 30 years ago.

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