Return path data services: extracting value from subscriber data

Using data sourced from the return path (RPD) we can uncover insight into subscriber behaviour.

Tracking subscriber data enables us to source large amounts of audience viewing data through set top boxes or any other device with a return path.  Having access to this big data is an incredibly useful and accurate measure of subscriber viewing behaviour.  


Deeper understanding

The big data derived from the return path provides incredibly granular audience measurement data.  It gives TV operators a rich source of insight that informs their own programming.  It can help to understand how time shift viewing, interactive services, the EPG (electronic programme guide) and video on demand services are used.

We pioneered robust statistical approaches to convert set top box subscriber data into high quality viewing data.  Now we have more than a decade of experience implementing these services since we designed the first RPD service in the world in 2005.

Market-leading experience

We have practical experience across all forms of return path data.  This includes panel data that can integrate with industry currencies, through to larger samples and full census data.

We can do this for different types of data, whether from the set top box in the home or mobile services that enable subscriber viewing on tablets or phones.  We have experience doing it across the range of operators in the TV, mobile and video space.

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