Multimedia Ad Monitoring and Evaluation

Understand the complete healthcare ad expenditure landscape

Brand marketers and healthcare agencies need integrated metrics to understand the size and makeup of the advertising and media environment in their markets. We deliver the clearest picture available of who is advertising what, when and where. More importantly, we provide insight on the investment by those brands and the actual ad creative. We comprehensively measure hundreds of print journals and more than 1 million webpages, including 200 leading sites used by healthcare professionals. This gives you the complete and clearest picture of healthcare-related advertising activity.

Online Ad Intelligence

Evaliant for Healthcare is a comprehensive source of online advertising intelligence, currently tracking 200 leading sites used by healthcare professionals. The data helps you uncover where, when and how healthcare brands are investing their online ad budgets. Gain the insights you need to understand your competitive landscape and execute optimal ad campaigns and new business pitches.

Journal Ad Spend Intelligence

Determine where your competitors are advertising, what products they’re promoting, which publications they’re using and how much they’re spending. We track nearly 700 publications serving healthcare professionals.
  • Market Opportunity Reporter® (MORe) – Analyze your share of voice against the whole market or against a select group of competitors.
  • JARScan™– View digital ad images to monitor your competitors’ ads — pharma and device.
  • Access the data—updated weekly as new publications are received—online, anywhere, any time.

Ad intelligence data are updated continuously and can be accessed online, anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re a pharmaceutical or device manufacturer, a full-time healthcare agency or looking to build new business with healthcare clients, or a media company, we can help you understand your advertising ecosystem.


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