Understanding the sports fan to help shape commercial strategy

We help brands, sports organisations and rights owners to get a true understanding of what fans experience, how they behave and what their attitudes are.

Whether through our specialist syndicated sports study, individually tailored bespoke service or by combining these with other Kantar Media data we provide the latest research thinking to help understand the preferences, motivations and behaviour of sports fans.

Our syndicated SportScope study is conducted in 25 countries around the world.  It includes 80,000 interviews across 47 separate sports covering more than 90 local, national and international sporting events.

Brands and sports bodies

Brands can get valuable insights in planning sponsorship investments, evaluating activations and maximising engagement with the target fan base. 

We help some of the world’s largest and most influential sports organisations understand their brand equity and develop treatment strategies for their fans.  This informs their marketing strategy, which is vital in an increasingly competitive market place.

Unparalleled expertise

We combine this dedicated expertise with a range of other data to understand fan engagement with sports properties and brands.  This includes

  • making sense of the “big data” that is increasingly available to inform decisions
  • understanding how research data sits alongside other CRM databases
  • how other consumer studies, such as TGI, can add additional insights.

Providing clients with the latest research thinking and how it can be applied to the sports market has enabled us to help:

  • Leading football clubs get a global picture of their fan base across 180 countries enabling them to engage with fans and negotiate commercial agreements
  • An automotive sponsor understand its traction with fans in its 12 key markets
  • Provide guidance on pricing strategy across a range of different venues for major competitions
  • Develop strategies for different fan segments based on their levels of commitment to a team.

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