Synchronised Content Technology

Our technology connects mobile apps with TV broadcasts to increase viewer engagement.  It enables broadcasters, content owners and advertisers to deliver immersive complementary content to companion screens.

SyncNow detects audio watermarks embedded in broadcast content.  The watermark is then decoded by a mobile app.
Deliver complementary content to the companion screen in perfect sync, regardless of time-shift.
SyncNow provides powerful user metrics to measure TV exposure and campaign effectiveness.

Broadcasters and media owners can:

  • Engage audiences by offering accurate companion screen interaction.
  • Reinforce the power of TV advertising by engaging users and segmented groups based on their viewing and consumption habits
  • Measure TV exposure and programme loyalty among companion screen users

Media agencies and brand owners can:

  • Increase brand recall, awareness and ad effectiveness with high-impact dual-screen campaigns.
  • Deliver mobile inventory or synchronised ads in real time when a programme or ad is on air
  • Tailor campaign messages to the audience
  • Retarget viewers exposed to TV ads
  • Measure campaign effectiveness and improve the path to purchase


Industry leading audio watermarking


SyncNow’s automatic content recognition is easily scalable no matter the number of viewers or amount of content to be identified.  That means lower – and more predictable – cost.

We watermark both live and pre-recorded content for over 1000 TV channels daily without any perceptible effect on the content itself.

SyncNow identifies content even in noisy or outdoor environments and is compatible with all industry standard compression and content delivery methods.

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