Actionable segmentation to inform market, innovation and brand strategy

We identify the audience and market segments that our clients need to reach.  Then we develop them to give the business a clear focus to inform the marketing strategy.

The purpose of that is to produce robust and durable audience segmentations that make it easier for businesses to identify, deploy and exploit market opportunities.

Our approach is based on a blend of quantitative and qualitative research working alongside advanced data mining techniques.  That gives us the rigour to be confident of the segments we identify.

Clear objectives.  Transparent solutions

Our starting point is with a client’s internal stakeholders, to understand their objectives and to engage them in developing a common vision for how the segmentation will be used.

From there we define and scope the project.  We adopt a modular approach with the flexibility to tailor our solution to the precise client needs.  We incorporate lessons from past research to design efficient solutions that make use of existing data sets where available. 

We also demystify the advanced statistical techniques used to create the segmentation and give clear explanations of both the “art” and the ”science” involved.

Bringing segmentation to life

We then work with clients to make sure the segments are well enough understood and embedded within the organisation to inform practical planning and action.

We use a variety of creative strategies to bring the segment groups to life and give them meaning for client stakeholders. 

To ensure segmentations deliver lasting practical benefits, we ensure they can be mapped on to other databases (such as TGI and CRM database) and used for digital deployment.

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