Audience insight consulting for specific challenges

Our specialist team of consultants draws on a rich set of resources to help our clients get right un​der the skin of their audiences.

We are expert in using research and data from across Kantar Media and beyond (including existing client data) to join the dots in order to uncover fresh insights.  We make imaginative use of Kantar Media’s vast array of data to probe deeper into audience behaviours, motivations and desires.

Resolving client challenges

We work in partnership with our clients to resolve a wide range of challenges.  These may be the relatively simple, such as constructing an audience framework for initial market assessment or assessing trends in media consumption.  Or they may be more complex, such as identifying target audiences, assessing the headroom for growth or modelling market dynamics.

Qualitative and quantitative research

Our approach is driven by sophisticated data analytics and creative visualisation.  Deliverables may take the form of web-based audience dashboard tools or compelling and lively narrative presentations and reports. 

We use our qualitative research skills to add another dimension through live observation, video ethnography and ‘meet the audience’ immersion workshops.

Whatever the challenge, the chances are that we will have seen something similar before.  Get in touch to see if we can help.

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