Bespoke market research and analysis to give our clients commercial advantages

We specialise in understanding how consumers relate to the media, within the wider context of their lives, and turning that into information our clients can use.

We have a specialist team that generates actionable insights from research and analysis, so that our clients can make informed decisions about strategic planning, offer development and engaging consumers in the right way. 

Individual projects may profile audience segments, capture key dynamics in the media landscape, understand how the media influence people in relation to a brand or uncover their perceptions and expectations of media. 

Harnessing a range of skills and resources

To do this, we make the most of the full extent of data and resources across Kantar Media.  And to do that effectively we cultivate a blend of skills across a range of different disciplines, all within an integrated and close-knit team. 

We combine expertise in quantitative and qualitative research, data analytics, storytelling and robust research design and project management.  We do this across sectors and on a global scale, coordinated centrally and driven by local insights.

Driving decisions

We help media owners, brands and advertisers, and their agencies, ensure decisions are driven by insights which are backed with sound data.  We bring a stamp of authority to those decisions.  In short, we minimise the risks and illuminate the opportunities for our clients.

Rooted in a deep understanding of your business issues, we make it easy for our clients to see what action is needed.  

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