Media planning tools

We provide the ultimate media planning tools: TGI survey data and the SRDS media planning platform.  These provide the information that clients need to efficiently match their brand to the media that will reach their target market, whether that is print, broadcast or digital, national, local or specialist.

Media Planning Platform

SRDS Media Planning Platform

Agencies and brands use SRDS as an affordable, all-in-one resource to find and compare online and traditional media across business, consumer and geographic audiences. They rely on this extensive dataset of U.S. media to make informed decisions and initiate contact with media reps directly from the planning platform.

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Publisher Solutions

SRDS Solutions for Media Sellers

Media owners promote their unique offering to the exclusive audience of active media buyers using Media owners keep their basic profiles current to maintain presence in their market. Paid programs in SRDS deliver the best way to connect with buyers around the country as they compare media brands and send RFPs.

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TGI Media Planning & Buying

Our TGI service enables advertisers and agencies to identify, target and reach their key consumer audiences. It helps media owners promote themselves to buyers.

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