TV and Cable Media

The SRDS TV and Cable Source® gives you comprehensive planning data on U.S. broadcast and cable television advertising opportunities.
  • 1,700+ TV stations
  • 430+ cable systems
  • 400+ TV/cable networks
  • 1,100+ digital media

Media research, your way

Search for media and advertising opportunities any way that makes sense to you. Get in, find your options and apply powerful filters and sorting capabilities to help you evaluate huge lists of media quickly. Search by:
  • Media types (TV stations, cable systems, TV/cable networks, digital media)
  • Keywords and titles
  • Geography (national or in 210 DMAs)
  • Commercial stations, non-commercial stations, interconnects

Actionable data in one place

SRDS listings include all the data points you need to compile a television plan.

  • Contact info
  • City of license
  • Network affiliation
  • Personnel
  • Corporate ownership
  • Representatives
  • Facilities
  • Special features
  • Traffic information
  • Satellite and translator information
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TV & Cable Media


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