TGI media planning and buying effectively and efficiently

Our TGI service enables advertisers and agencies to identify, target and reach their key consumer audiences.  It helps media owners promote themselves to buyers.

Agencies can pinpoint targets, build campaigns and identify the relevant media mix far more effectively because of the richness of insights into consumer behaviour and characteristics available on TGI. 

Planning currency

In fact, TGI is the common planning currency in the media industry between media buyers (including trading desks) and sellers, to identify which media will be the most effective for a campaign, at the right value.  This stems from the unrivalled breadth and depth of consumer insights we cover.

It means planners and buyers can identify and reach their target audience with confidence.  They can do this by going far beyond simple demographics to a deeper audience understanding.  This can position a brand effectively against its competitive set and create compelling campaigns which will resonate with the target. 

It means media owners can maximise the value of their inventory by making a compelling case for why their audiences should be part of a campaign. 

It means brands and agencies can easily evaluate a variety of strategic marketing opportunities.

Specialist services

We enable unrivalled in-depth insights into online and offline consumer characteristics and behaviour.  This includes product and brand use, demographics, leisure activities, attitudes and media consumption. 

In addition, we have developed dedicated services to inform particular areas:

  • TGI Ad-Vantage matches TGI-built audiences to the online cookies that will actually reach them.
  • TGI Digital Planner supports programmatic buying by matching audiences to their online habits. This helps ensure that brands appear on the right sites in the right context.

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