Forward planning: plan for tomorrow, today

Take decisions based on understanding which stories and events will shape the news agenda.

Every day we identify and categorise thousands of future events, press releases, announcements, legislative developments and news items.  This enables users of our service to plan ahead with visibility of the news agenda and global market activity. 

Used by both the media and communications industry, our forward planning service covers a huge variety of areas.  These range from politics to finance and lifestyle, and events from reports, surveys and launches, through to forthcoming financial results, legislation and conferences.

Journalists and publishers

The print and broadcast news media use our forward planning database to plan topical and relevant content in advance.  The service provides them with quick and easy access to the stories and events that will shape the news agenda on any given day.  We enable any editorial organisation to commission content and secure resources ahead of time.

PR and communications

By using the same calendar as the media, PR and communications teams can engage more effectively to identify opportunities and avoid clashes and conflicts.  They can time their activity to coincide with the right news and events, maximising the media pick up.


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