Media Monitoring - News and Social

What's being said about you in the media? What are your competitors doing? Without this knowledge, it can be difficult to make a positive media impact.

In today’s 24/7 communications environment we recognise that you need to keep on top of your coverage and profile across social media as well as mainstream news.

Your news in real time

We integrate social media and mainstream news in a single timeline, making it easy to identify and share relevant contacts, coverage, analysis and insights.

Our teams work through the night to ensure reports are ready when the day starts: accurate, relevant and immediate coverage from every mainstream news and media channel. 

We track local and international sources, national and regional newspapers, the business and consumer press, online news portals, Twitter, forums, national and local broadcast channels. 

More than helping stay on top of the coverage clients can quickly identify the influencers they need to reach, the impact of social media and what is driving their coverage and profile. And they can do all this in real time. This makes it easier to identify events, trends and themes and share the relevant analysis and insight.

Refined data

Our service is based on our own software combined with the knowledge of our specialist media teams who can advise on how to get the best results.   

Our clients can tailor the service to track what’s most important.  That may be the volume of coverage, which key messages are having an impact or what competitors are doing.  Our reports can go into granular detail, provide board-level summaries or be tailored in any other way.  All on any device.

We also provide expert guidance and advice on copyright and have produced a range of helpful guides.


Get in contact and our experts will get in touch with you shortly.


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