PR measurement and evaluation to understand and shape coverage

To build your media strategy you need to have solid foundations. Our media analysis service helps clients track their media profile and understand what drives their media coverage and what influences their reputation.

The starting point is an objective assessment of strengths and weaknesses to help clients pinpoint where they fit in the media landscape, particularly in relation to their industry.

We analyse press, broadcast, internet and social media to assess the impact of media relations campaigns.  This can be for consumer and corporate communications, issue management, crisis and reputation management.  That goes for online and offline media, with the same consistent approach.

Measuring impact and sentiment

First, we agree with clients which key performance indicators are important for them, from brand equity to competitive benchmarking.  Our independent analysts review each piece of coverage, assess the messages and sentiment, impact and return on investment.  We feed the insights back using clear graphs and reports to illustrate the impact and direction.

We do this on an ongoing basis, for regular activities like financial calendar work, or one-off events like a product launch, crisis or a specific announcement.  The service is global.  We deliver rapid and consistent insights into media profile, competitive positioning and reputation across any geographies, languages or markets.

Global insight

The work of our Insight team is used regularly by the media and at leadership conferences on topics such as crisis communications, reputation and social media.  Our work is regularly recognised by the International Association of the Measurement of Evaluation and Communication, in 2015 with an AMEC Gold Award.

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