Social command centres: digital intelligence hub

Whether looking to inform a content strategy, share metrics faster and in real time or run a social media programme from anywhere in the world, our social media command centres has it all covered.

The Social Command Centre is a central, visual hub which pulls together all social KPIs and dashboards into a single place.  The service helps unlock new patterns and gain unprecedented insight into consumer trends to drive campaign strategy. 

Big data, clearly visualised

By displaying big data in an easy-to-interpret way it makes the Social Command Centre makes it much easier to glean the insights quickly and clearly.

The service enables you to identify and address potentially damaging topics before they become issues.  And to identify potential opportunities to engage and foster relations with your audiences.

Better decisions

Our expert analysts can help interpret the data and link this social intelligence to core business decisions.  And it is all summarised in flexible dashboards designed to reflect the measureable goals.

The service is entirely adaptable.  The service provides coverage in more than 60 languages and can also be combined with traditional and digital media data to identify potential touchpoints and enhance the richness of reporting.

If you are interested in learning about how we can help your organisation take command of your online reputation contact us.

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