Social listening: making sense of online buzz

With billions of social media posts a day it can be hard to make sense of what is being said and what shapes your reputation. 

Our social media monitoring service tracks the information clients need to guide their communications strategy today and anticipate the buzz of tomorrow.

Instant insight

We help clients track what is being said about them, their brand, their products and their services.  This provides the most important data at a glance:

  • A customised dashboard to show vital social media analytics at a glance
  • Alerts for key topics and an adaptable portal home
  • The sites that are driving the buzz
  • The key influencers, to help target communications
  • Graphs that update as soon as the data is captured, showing the most relevant information in real time
  • Any immediate dangers, identified instantly

The reports and alerts can all be tailored and delivered at whatever time is most convenient.  The service can be combined with our broadcast, print or online monitoring and evaluation services to give one overall picture.

Bespoke solutions

We can supply bespoke daily, weekly or monthly reports on a brand’s reputation, highlighting the data that best shows the performance and return on social investment.  We can also create tailored alerts, delivered at times that suit you, to evolve with your social strategy. 

To be able to do this we analyse huge numbers of blogs, discussion boards, news sites, usenet groups and video-sharing networks, all across more than 60 languages.  We automatically identify the link source, author, date, time and tone of social mentions and deliver the data as it is happening.

Call today to find out how we can create a solution as unique as your social media fingerprint.

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