Social TV tools show how Twitter can amplify the power of television

We help broadcasters, agencies and advertisers understand how audiences engage with TV programmes on Twitter.

To do this we have developed the official industry metric, the Kantar Twitter TV Ratings, in conjunction with Twitter.

In the UK, 40% of Twitter traffic at peak time is related to TV (Media, 2014), and it’s been proven that watching TV programmes while using Twitter increases emotional responses (Inc.). We analysed 110 million TV-related Tweets from the UK sent over a year period (1 June 2013 to 31 May 2014) and found that 11% of broadcasts had some form of causation – an increase in Tweets was followed by an increase in viewing (Media, 2014). This situation is being found around the world. The symbiotic relationship between Twitter and TV can be harnessed to increase audience engagement and targeting capabilities. 

Kantar Twitter TV Ratings enable broadcasters to keep track of the conversations around their programmes and competing programmes, to help maximise audience engagement. They help agencies and advertisers make better planning and buying decisions to reach socially engaged viewers for stronger campaigns.

Understanding engagement

Broadcasters and agencies can use the Kantar Twitter TV Ratings to analyse the relationship between social media and TV, showing:

  • Gender: see the gender split of people Tweeting about a programme, and people viewing Tweets about a programme
  • Overlay: TV viewing data over minute by minute social TV data, bringing two extremely valuable datasets together 
  • Live Leaderboard: view top Tweeted programmes in real time 
  • Brand affinity: understand the brands that people Tweeting about a show, channel or series have an affinity with
  • Sentiment: dive into the underlying emotions behind Tweets about TV programmes
  • Benchmarking: see how an episode is performing in relation to the rest of the series and competing series
  • Characters: the personalities, actors and athletes that are driving conversation
  • Totals: complete figures for audience, impressions, Tweets and authors which can then be filtered for further analysis 

Improved planning

Kantar Twitter TV Ratings are accessed by our social TV dashboard, Instar Social, which provides easy and intuitive access to the data, with clear visualisations, showing how Twitter amplifies the power of television.

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