2014 Consumer Health Insights

The infographics below shed a little light on the 2014 Consumer Health Study, which ties point-of-care advertising, doctor/patient relationship, multimedia consumption habits of consumers as well as direct-to-consumer advertising insights.

Point-Of-Care Advertising Infographic

Learn more about point-of-care advertising and its impact on consumers in our new infographic. Are adults being reached by POC media? What actions are they taking due to the advertisement?

Click here to download this infographic and learn more about the effectiveness of point-of-care advertising.

Point of Care Advertising

The Doctor/Patient Relationship Infographic

Find out how the relationship between consumers and their healthcare professional has changed in our brand-new infographic. Do adults listen to their doctors? How do they feel about nurses and physician assistants?

Click here to download this infographic and learn more about the evolving doctor/patient relationship.

Patient Doctor Relationship

Infographic on the Multimedia Consumption Habits of Consumers

Find out how adults consume multimedia and how it's changing over time in this new infographic. How are consumers using digital devices? Are they still reading magazines? Are they being reached by healthcare advertising and how is their TV viewership evolving?

Click here to download this infographic and learn how consumers interact with multimedia and how healthcare advertising and information fits into these behaviors.

Multimedia Consumption Habits

Direct-To-Consumer Advertising Insights - Infographic

Find out where DTC advertisers spent their dollars in 2013 and how that's increased over time in our brand new infographic. We'll also share how effective their ads are and what actions consumers take due to those ads.

Click here to download this infographic filled with DTC advertising insights now.

Direct to Consumer Advertising

All of these statistics are available in greater detail in the 2014 MARS OTC/DTC Consumer Health Study.

For more information on the 2014 Consumer Health Insights study, contact Michele Deutschman at 212-991-6008 or michele.deutschman@kantarmedia.com.

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