2015 pain medicine readership study

Pain ManThe new 2015 Pain Medicine Readership study is the latest release from Kantar Media Healthcare Research and is designed to provide an unbiased evaluation of publication readership and to furnish data that will assist publishers, editors, advertising and marketing personnel with the task of evaluating Pain Medicine media.

The study surveys an audience of physicians from 7 different specialties that specialize in Pain Medicine or Pain Management. Eleven publications are included in the study, each of which publishes at least 4 times per year. This new study can deliver specific information on everything from which publications that pain medicine physicians are reading to the most common procedures they perform. 
  • See how frequently and thoroughly Pain Medicine physicians from 7 pain-related specialties read professional publications in both digital and print formats.
  • Find out the probability of ad page exposure in a particular publication.
  • Evaluate publication performance with accurate and reliable data that is widely used as the primary metrics for print ad planning throughout the healthcare market.
Did You Know?
  • Pain Medicine specialists report that they receive an average of 4.1 publications related to their specialty. Additionally they report reading, on average, 3.8 of these publications.
  • We also know the most common procedures they're performing. 98% report that they are seeing patients with chronic pain (49 patients per week). The second most-common pain symptom patients experience is radial or back pain (43 patients per week).
  • Lumbosacral and cervical injections top the list of self-reported procedures performed weekly by Pain Medicine specialists. Over 90% report that they perform these procedures weekly with an average of 20 for lumbosacral injections and 12 for cervical injections.  

Kantar Media research is essential for gaining a comprehensive understanding of healthcare audiences and the media they use for more effective and efficient media and promotional plans. We obsessively measure all healthcare professionals’ media usage so that you can make the best marketing decisions possible. If you need other specialty-specific data, let us know. We study physician media behaviors and preferences annually across more than twenty specialties.

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