2015 speaking engagements with James G. Elliott co.

SRDS President Stephen Davis and James Elliott from James G. Elliott Co. recently addressed several industry events  about the Media Planning and Buying Study our two organizations conducted earlier in the year. The study offers specific data on how media planners and buyers work and what they expect from media sellers. The insights can help publishers be more competitive as they try to establish a presence on media planner schedules. 


Industry audiences included publishers from magazines, websites, and more. Davis and Elliott covered everything from the habits of media planners and buyers to their attitudes on programmatic ad buying. We invite you to take a look at some of the events and talks below!


June 14-16: Annual ABM & Information Industry Summit - Rise of the Machines--How Programmatic Buying Will Change Advertising 

This 50-minute presentation discussed how programmatic buying is changing digital advertising. Davis and Elliott explained how artificial intelligence, data and the ability to target offers new opportunities for advertisers, as well as new opportunities--and threats--for publishers to help them prepare.


June 17: Association Media & Publishing - Inside the Mind of the Media Buyer

This engagement addressed an audience of magazine and website publishers as well as all media brands from associations. The aim was to explore what the current environment of media planning and buying, based on the results of the study.The session also looked into the minds of the media buyer and seller and provided insights to help improve sales strategies.


June 18: MPA Programmania - Discovering the Programmatic Marketplace

Presenting to a consumer magazine and website publisher audience, we explored programmatic products and platforms, inventory allocation, distribution, pricing strategies and technologies.


June 26: Alliance of Area Business Publishers Summer Conference - Getting a Grip on National Advertising

We took a look at advertising revenue from national accounts and how it has been an elusive goal for many business publishers. The purpose is to help publishers understand current trends in national advertising buying as well as offer concrete suggestions for publishers and ad directors to help their sales teams capture a larger share of national advertising. 

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