2018 Promotion Trends: A Look at Digital Rebates

We recently released our 2018 Print & Digital Trends analysis. Here we take a closer look at an ever-progressing segment within this media – digital rebates. Digital promotions were a bright spot for the 2018 Industry Trends where many food offers can be found, including digital rebates, an offer where cash or points can be redeemed at a later date.

Digital promotions such as these are being used to augment the pressures on investment in traditional marketing. Companies are leveraging what their respective results are showing and playing to those strengths through the marketing and promotions decisions they action on in the market.

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The Digital Rebates Landscape

Though digital rebates are less than 7% of total promotions activity, a figure that is relatively flat to last year, this is a key area of interest for shoppers and manufacturers alike, as it provides consumers with another resource for savings, while the ability to receive incentives post-purchase is a great way to reward a shopper and reinforce brand loyalty.

This also gives brands access to two consumer touch points. First, during the purchase and brand selection when shopping in-store, and second, post-purchase when the digital rebate is selected or ‘redeemed’ with the receipt upload or purchase confirmation.

Looking at the landscape in 2018, food products dominated digital rebates with over two-thirds share of estimated activity. This very much mirrors digital promotion incentives.

Within food products, the Dry Grocery category holds the largest share (28%), mainly driven by snacks, candy and baking mixes. This is followed by Shelf Stable Beverages with 18% share.

For non-food products, Personal Care leads the way with 11% share of the segment.

Weighted Average Face Values

Looking at Weighted Average Face Values (WAFV), other packaged goods is the leader with a WAFV of $2.69. Cereals have the lowest WAFV at just $0.78.

Seasonality in Digital Rebates

Interestingly, the peak season for digital rebates is during the Back-to-School period. This is primarily driven by food, when parents may be stocking up on snacks and items for their childrens lunchboxes for the start of the year.

Super Bowl, March Madness and Easter also show a high level of digital rebate activity from food products, as manufacturers try to capitalize on consumers that are entertaining and feeding guests.

Digital Rebates Seasonality

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Kantar Media will be tracking digital rebates and digital promotion offers to see what trends develop – including our capture of Savingstar.com and amazon.com for ecommerce.

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