2018 Promotion Trends: Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) and Free Product

We recently released our 2018 Print & Digital Promotions Trends analysis. Here we’re going to take a deeper look at Buy One, Get One Free offers (BOGO) and Free Product offers, which continue to play an important role within the promotion landscape. BOGO is a common sales promotion offering a two for one deal, while Free Product offers give the incentive of a free product with a coupon.

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Print & Digital BOGO

In 2018, we monitored declines for both food and non-food print BOGOs. Food saw a steep decline of -50% YoY, while non-food BOGOs had a less dramatic decrease of just -8% YoY.


Digital on the other hand painted a far different picture. We saw dramatic increases in digital BOGO with overall growth of +93%. Non-food rose by an impressive +131% and food saw a strong increase of +85%.

Many areas within both food and non-food had double and triple digit increases:

  • Food
    • Frozen Products: +125%
    • Refrigerated Foods: +140%
    • Shelf Stable Beverages: +116%
    • Cereals: +87%
    • Dry Grocery: +80%
  • Non-Food
    • Health Care: +225%
    • Other Packaged Goods: +209%
    • Personal Care: +138%
    • Household Products: +99%

Print and Digital: BOGO & Free Product

Food share within BOGO/Free Product weakened in both print and digital, while share for non-food increased for both.

Print Digital Bogo

Looking more granularly, Health came out on top for both print and digital BOGO/Free Product. It was the only area to see a YoY gain in print, while all areas gained within digital.

Bogo segments

BOGO and Free Product Creative Examples

There is a lot of variety in BOGO offers across the promotion landscape. Here are some examples of different offers we saw in 2018.

Purina offered a BOGO incentive alongside a cents-off coupon to encourage a trial of an extension of their full line of products.


Rimmel also tried to encourage trials of line extensions with a Buy One, Get One print coupon for a free mascara when another Rimmel eye product is purchased.


Beneful used a traditional Buy One, Get One in digital form, that lends itself to a stock up strategy.


Arla Cheese used both print and digital Free Product offers, while also promoting product location availability available in the print version.


BOGO and Free Product offers add more value for consumers, which in turn adds more value for marketers. Overall in 2018, we saw declines in print for BOGO, similar to the total landscape, however print was used more frequently for non-food and digital was relied on more heavily for food.

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