2019 Promotion Trends: Creative Strategies

We recently released our 2019 Print & Digital Trends analysis. Here we take a closer look at the creative trends that emerged in 2019.

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QR Codes gain traction

QR Codes have become more popular with CPG marketers in an effort to drive further brand engagement. In the second half of 2019, Kantar captured QR Codes appearing at least five times in FSI Creatives, which pointed consumers to brand websites with recipes, product quizzes, trend articles and mailing list signups. QR Codes were primarily utilized by home and beauty brands.

Social Responsibility makes its way into FSI

As brands become more vocal in support of big causes, these messages have also found their way into FSI Creative. In 2019, we found CPG brands increasingly using FSI Creatives to highlight social responsibility messages as a way of engaging shoppers – particularly around the environment and gender. These messages were most commonly seen among Beauty brands.

Environmental responsibility messages included callouts for utilizing recycled materials, ethical ingredient sourcing and 100% recyclable packaging.

Gender equity messages included programs donating to girls’ education, promoting self-esteem and brand support for International Women’s Day.

In addition to FSI, both QR Codes and brand activism messaging have been showing up across other channels for many advertisers as reported in Kantar’s 2020 Media Trends & Predictions report.

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