3 digital media planning worksheets for your next online campaign

To help you get started on your next digital ad campaign, we’ve created the following worksheets to make sure you plan, strategize and optimize your plan as effectively as possible.

  1. Step-by-Step Guide for Creating a Comprehensive Media Plan - Many digital campaigns fail due to insufficient planning, so spend time deliberating each question with your team. Always focus first on establishing the campaign objective(s) and this should help dictate whether digital is the best medium. Use this worksheet to help plan your next media campaign.
  2. How to Determine Which Digital Strategy Fits Your Campaign: Pro-Con List - To help you determine which digital format will work best for your media campaign, fill out a copy of this pro-con list for each strategy you’re considering. Remember to always keep your campaign objective top of mind. Jot down all the positive and negative aspects of each strategy. Evaluate every pro and con factor on a scale of 1–5 in terms of importance.This should help inform your decision and lead you to select the best strategy for your campaign goals.
  3. Optimization Options Check-List for Your Digital Campaign - Use this check-list to account for all the criteria and variables considered in your online buy so that you have options to review if you need to make a change in your campaign. Be ready to implement these optimizations if the metrics support it. Keep in mind that you may not need to use many of these, but it’s important to plan for all occurrences rather than to be caught without a strategy for change.

Access the worksheets now and then download our guide to digital media planning, which is filled with best practices that connect directly with the worksheets.

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