3 interesting facts on dentists from Kantar Media’s 2013 dentistry study

Of the more than 170,000 actively practicing dentists in the U.S., on average each member of this group sees almost 65 patients per week, according to Kantar Media’s 2013 Dentistry Study. Here are three additional data-points on dentists from the study:

  1. Among the patients with specific conditions dentists seen per week, on average they about 31 patients with tartar buildup and 28 with gingivitis.
  2. Of the various equipment and supplies that dentists use, about 21% say they intend to purchase high speed hand-pieces in the next year. About 17% intend purchase x-ray equipment.
  3. Most dentists only recommend and provide samples for one or two brands for the various dental products their patients need, like floss, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Kantar Media’s 2013 Dentistry Readership study is designed to provide an unbiased evaluation of media brand consumption and information sources used by dentists, tied to their patient interactions, prescribing habits, work location and role, to assist marketers as they evaluate promotional potential in dental media.

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