4 cross-platform media insights from the ARF conference

Throughout each presentation at the one-day ARF conference in Chicago, the speakers discussed challenges and opportunities related to “cross-platform,” including developing superior creative and optimizing media. The following are a few highlights I starred in my notes that day about the current state of cross-platform.

  1. The consumer path to purchase has transformed in the last decade. It’s not so much a sales funnel anymore but a flight map, with consumers going from traditional TV to social to word-of-mouth and back again. It’s increasingly challenging for marketers and forces us to become more creative and really embrace the cross-platforms realities of our consumers.                                                       
  2. Consumers have become digital omnivores due to the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other connected devices. So far there has been little evidence that mobile has cannibalized the use of the desktop computers in terms of total consumption of digital content. There are exceptions, notably weather and map information, which have been overtaken by mobile. On the contrary, the consumption of sports content is snowballing due to the rise of smartphones and tablets.
  3. Television continues to be king though it’s not a zero-sum game. Time spent on the Internet has doubled in the last few years but it’s still only 1/3 of time spent on TV.
  4. TV content is being monetized across platforms due to the fact that digital video is popular among all ages. People choose online video because it’s convenient and allows for media consumption on one’s own time. For advertising sales, this may indicate that rather than digital being a threat to TV ads, it might actually become a more attractive model since online video can demand a premium price due to heightened consumer attention and more precise targeting.

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