4 myths about ad tech vendors

Ad tech is complex and confusing, making it hard for marketers and advertisers to distinguish between fact and fiction. We’re here to dispel a few of the more common fibs around the players in  third-party digital media buying.

  1. Ad tech can solve all of your online advertising problems. This isn’t always the case. While working with a network, DSP or exchange can be easier than working directly with several publishers, it might not be as cost-effective. Plus, there may be sites specifically suited to your target audience that you want to run ads on. For example, if you’re looking for sites visited by doll enthusiasts, it can be easier to contact those sites and work with them directly than going roundabout with a third-party vendor.
  2. It’s easy to differentiate between ad tech vendors. Not always. It can be tough to distinguish between ad networks and exchanges and get a handle on what services they offer. Their websites all use similar language and until you get on the phone with a rep, you may not know if they offer retargeting, their cost structures or other important considers. Luckily, SRDS.com has helped solve this problem. With the Digital Networks & Tech database, you can get short and sweet company descriptions on almost 200 vendors. In five seconds, understand what a company offers with third-party, objective vendor profiles, curated by our digital experts.
  3. It’s impossible to know which sites your banner ad will end up on. The truth is that many networks won’t offer clear information about the publishers and sites they run ads on. We’re trying to solve that problem at Kantar Media SRDS. To offer our users increased transparency around ad tech, we use proprietary technology to detect the network or ad tech company that has served an ad unit on a website during a given time period. Sign in now to check out the database or click here to learn more.
  4. Ad tech will replace media planners and buyers. Has ad tech changed the roles and responsibilities of digital media planners? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean that these roles will be eliminated or replaced by programmatic or RTB. Rather, these positions are going to evolve and different skill sets will be needed for success, specifically more strategic focuses and big-picture thinking.

Find out more about ad networks and tech vendors when you sign in to SRDS.com. Or if you’re interested in learning more about this database, click here or contact us now.

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