4 reasons SRDS.com has the top digital media research tools

It's no secret that the third-party digital media buying market is complex and constantly changing. We regularly read articles that say it's a major challenge for marketers to really nail down what a vendor offers. Digiday even published a " Take the Ad Tech Confusion Quiz " over the summer.

That's why we’ve built the industry's first Digital Networks & Tech database to help marketers and agencies understand and differentiate ad tech vendors. So whether you’re moving into third-party buying, integrating digital into traditional or wondering what some of the newer attempts from Nextmark, AdSprouts or plsADvize have to offer, here are four ways to know you’re using the best digital media planning tools to discover, evaluate and understand ad tech vendors at SRDS.com.

1. Our comparison grid allows you to easily compare and contrast digital vendors by their key capabilities, services and more. It’s apples to apples. For example, let's say you're looking for a DSP that offers retargeting. Select DSP and quickly find the companies that offer that. We’ve taken filtering one step further—and it makes a difference.

2. Have you ever visited a vendor’s website, only to leave because you couldn’t figure out exactly what the company offers? Industry jargon is a main reason why ad tech is so confusing for marketers. To combat this, SRDS.com provides third-party, objective profiles of what each listed vendor does, curated by our in-house digital experts. Just short and sweet company summaries make a digital marketer's job easier.

3. Understanding digital ad tech is an uphill climb, with companies going public, others merging and the majority adding new capabilities regularly. The data within SRDS.com, including pricing structures, targeting options and more, is continuously updatedso you can stay on top of who does what, right now. Where available, we provide details on the sites a network serves ads on, through our proprietary technology. Gain that transparency that marketers crave in ad tech.

4. We love media! Since 1919 when SRDS was founded, we've collected, curated and delivered the data media buyers need to connect with media sellers. We've evolved right alongside the advertising industry and have added new and emerging media to SRDS.com to reflect that. Our users know that when they use SRDS.com for all of their advertising and media information, they’re in safe hands. It’s no surprise that other companies follow our lead, but media and advertising is in our DNA. We live and breathe it, and that especially holds true for digital.

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