4 ways to use our multimedia audience measurement resources

In the last decade, the media world has grown and changed tremendously, making it more challenging to optimize your multimedia mix. You still need reliable metrics on usage and ad exposure potential for traditional media targeted to health care professionals. Ad server data and site-owner web analytics can tell a useful “total activity” story. Equally important are specialty-specific audience and usage projections for medical websites, apps as well as other digital and alternative media. 

  • Need to know target audience size and exposure potential for a wide range of digital media, including mobile, web portals, satellite radio and social networking sites?
  • Seeking qualitative insight on specific medical websites?
  • Challenged by understanding cross-platform usage of individual media properties?
  • Looking to understand reach potential of a mixed media schedule?  

Using our robust multimedia audience measurement resources, you can evaluate and compare traditional and digital promotional options at a specialty level. Contact your account manager to find out more.

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