5 benefits of guaranteed direct ad buying for agencies & marketers

If you’ve read recent news stories about guaranteed direct and its impact on digital advertising, chances are you may want to know why agencies and brands are starting to explore this buying method. Now that you have a basic understanding of what guaranteed direct advertising is, let’s discuss why agencies and advertisers are starting to dip their toes in this pool.

  1. Transparency - The guaranteed direct marketplaces, a buyer is selecting inventory from a publisher. Unlike ad exchanges and networks, which are blind, the buyer determines which inventory they’d like to purchase along with the ad position, the campaign dates as well as any targeting options offered by the publisher.
  2. Equalizing – While private marketplaces have requirements in order for a buyer to be qualified, many guaranteed direct platforms permit all advertisers access to their systems as long as they sign up for an account.
  3. Automation – It’s hard to argue with technological advances that can make your job easier and more efficient. That’s why guaranteed direct platforms are so focused on automation. They eliminate a lot of more manual processes involving IOs and have digitized the process, saving you the effort.
  4. Save time – We don’t know any media planners that have more time than they know what to do with. Multiple clients and brands and so many media outlets to consider make for some very long days. Previously, the process to buy guaranteed impressions directly from a publisher often took time, but with guaranteed direct, the buyer can get their campaign to market almost immediately.
  5. Control – Instead of waiting for campaign performance data for the media company, you can often go through the guaranteed direct platform for reports and then optimize from there as needed. Plus, guaranteed direct gives you access to programmatic inventory without having to rely on a trading desk or DSP.

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