5 benefits of guaranteed direct to publishers

Buyers aren’t the only ones craving more efficient online advertising. Publishers are also getting on board with programmatic. Companies like AOL, NBC and  The New York Times have all made headlines for interest or commitment to  guaranteed direct  selling.  In a 2013 survey from Digiday and OpenX , 68% of publishers in North America responded that programmatic has the ability to improve on the cumbersome, drawn-out IO process. Why is there so much appeal to programmatic? Here a few of the main reasons.

  1. Efficiency – The process of selling directly to buyers can be very manual and costly. Guaranteed direct selling allow publishers to offload their inventory into platforms, in which buyers can buy directly from,  with less effort involved. 
  2. Control – In guaranteed direct selling, the publisher sets the inventory price, minimum order size, etc. and can also control which inventory is visible to advertisers. Plus, it’s up to the publisher to decide whether to approve or deny campaign requests before they go live. 
  3. Ad Server Integration – Guaranteed direct platforms integrate directly with a publisher’s server, the server’s API or with other ad management platforms, like DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), making ad serving easier. That means that ad orders and the corresponding creative can be submitted direct to the server, creating a more automated and streamlined process for the publisher.
  4. Transparency – Whereas there may be more limited transparency when a publisher sells inventory via an ad network or open ad exchange, publishers always have the option of approving or denying a proposal or IO from a buyer via a guaranteed direct platform. The publisher has information about who the buyer is in order to make the best decision for its brand.
  5. Automation – Guaranteed direct platforms allow the publisher to automate order execution, campaign administration, payment and billing, which gives the publisher more assurance that set campaigns will run with far less opportunity for error.  Plus, this frees up the sales team to focus on building new partnerships with specific advertisers and developing exclusive marketing opportunities.

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