5 facts for marketers about radiology professionals

In our Radiology Readership Study, we survey radiation oncologists and radiologists about their reading habits of 28 professional health journals. The following are interesting demographic insights about this group of healthcare professionals.

  1. The majority of radiation professionals are staff radiologists (62%) followed by medical directors (15%).
  2. On average, radiation professionals handle 191 diagnostic radiology cases (excluding CT and mammography) per week.
  3. Radiation professionals handle about 61 computed tomography cases per week and 42 mammography screenings on average.
  4. This group of HCPs conducts 61 contrast enhanced procedures per week.
  5. About 38% of radiation oncologists say they have authored an article for a publication and 37% said they have spoken at a local professional association meeting.

Kantar Media’s 2013 Radiology Readership study is designed to provide an unbiased evaluation of publication readership and to furnish data that will assist publishers, editors, advertising and marketing personnel with the task of evaluating radiology publications.

If you have questions or would like to find out how you can access the data, contact us now.

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