5 useful Excel keyboard shortcuts

It’s been a few months since I’ve shared tips for using Microsoft Excel 2010, but now I’m back with my favorite keyboard shortcuts. Not only will these tricks save you time but they’ll save you from using the mouse too.  

Here they are:

  1. Selecting Rows and Columns: 
  • To Select an entire row of data to copy or move – Press “Shift” then “Space”
  • To Select an entire column of data to move or copy – Press “Ctrl” then “Space”
  1. Highlight many rows of data:
  • Highlight the first row of data in the range you want to select
  • On your keyboard, hold down Shift/Ctrl/Down Arrow and it will then highlight the entire data range for copying or cutting
  1. Copy & Paste:
  • To Copy – Press “Ctrl” then “C”
  • To Paste – Press “Ctrl” then “V”
  1. Move from top of worksheet to the bottom without scrolling:
  • To move to the first cell in a worksheet –Press “Ctrl” then “Home”
  • To move to the last cell in a worksheet - Press “Ctrl” then “End”
  1. Saving & Printing:
  • To save the file – Press “Ctrl” then “S”
  • To print file – Press “Ctrl” then “P”


What Excel keyboard shortcut do you use most often?

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